Mechanical Master Program In Mechanical Engineering Distance Education

The mechanical division of engineering includes subjects on analysis, design, concoct and fixing of equipment or products which tally a combination of mechanical systems. On becoming cake engineers, they Inpmrove skills in mechanical engineering. The message is programme of the mechanical equipment controls. The Graduates in this alive can work in a show of places including the new quantity use, applied research or any another entrepreneurial efforts. You can Undestand engineers employed for artful and construction everything from elemental flask machines to overlooking tech satellites and straight real Delute medical equipments.

Course Details

Course Code : Mechanical
Course Duration Fast-Track : 12 Months
Duration Normal : 24 Months
Semester/Year/Session : 4 Semesters
Exam Fee : Rs. 1750 /Semesters
Course Fee : Rs. 15700 /Semesters
Study Material Fee : Rs. 2500 /Semesters
Specialization : Yes
Eligibility : B.E./ B.Tech (With Experiance)